"Salil is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and professional member of the team, working hard to achieve the end goal. I highly recommend his capabilities." Jane Fawls - HCR

"I have always found Salil to be polite, friendly, courteous and very professional. On the occasions Salil has accompanied employees to Mumbai on orientation and house hunting trips, the employees concerned have commended him on a First Rate and very professional service. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for future moves to Mumbai." Caroline Morrison - Cap Gemini

"Salil’s endeavours and ability to source a property were not without its problems. His skill in navigating a difficult situation and coming up with a successful solution proved that he had the knowledge and experience to hand hold clients. Above all he was professional and informative all the way through the home search process." Colin Leahy - CBS Outdoor

"The service Salil provided in helping my family and me find a property was excellent – from start to finish. He really took the time to carefully understand our personal needs and likes in addition to ensuring specific company requirements and deadlines (which were pretty tight) were met. In addition, he provided invaluable advice on areas in the City in which to move. I really appreciated Salil’s professionalism and follow-through – a pleasure to work with." Cathlin Morris

"Salil is very professional and enthusiastic in his work and a pleasure to work with!." Liz Rapier - Cluttons

"The service provided was thorough, honest and at all times tailored to provide me with the best possible outcome. The focus on me as a customer and ensuring my residential requirements were met as closely as possible was a delightfully refreshing experience, and in heavy contrast to other non-residential-related service providers I had been dealing with. You were thorough, flexible to alter my programme of inspections based on your understanding of my needs - which you developed quickly, and friendly. I was impressed at the high standard of customer service and have recommended you to several colleagues as a consequence." Brenden Polsen - KPMG

"First Tiger have been a diligent source of leads and support in our search for new sites and have managed the brief with speed and efficiency. David is a pleasure to work with." John Fairey - Paddy Power

"Your company understood my expectations in regards to my apartment search. Very friendly and knowledgeable about London. Search time only took one day and by two weeks time I had moved into my new apartment/flat. Highly recommended." Marc Burgos - Barclays Capital

"Salil was commissioned by my firm to assist with finding me a flat in London. As I was residing in Canada at the time I only had a week, in between business meetings, to find a place. I had not lived previously in London and so had no idea where I wanted to live, and I came armed with some unrealistic expectations about want I wanted and the amount I wanted to spend. Salil listened carefully to the sort of area and sort of apartment I was looking for, and then went well beyond the call of duty (and his contract) in an attempt to meet my wants within my funding range. During the week he showed me many different areas of London, patiently explaining the pros and cons against my list of requirements. I found him polite, tactful, intelligent and very well researched, and most importantly he had an easy manner and we got on well. In the end he found me an excellent flat in a great location (one I had not even considered before) and I am greatly enjoying living here. In summary, Salil provided an excellent and personalised service that went far further than my expectations and I am delighted with the results." Mike Pendlington

"In the early part of 2009, I found myself in the unenviable position of having to move myself and my family from Oxfordshire to London due to a last minute change of job with my company. Having never lived in London, and actually having no idea where we would want to set up home, Salil took our very vague and largely unhelpful brief and came up with exactly what we were looking for in an area that was absolutely spot on for my young family. This was even more impressive given that he had only one afternoon to show me around suitable properties from Victoria to Chiswick, which he did with characteristically frank honesty. He came highly recommended by my new colleagues and I have to say that their assessments of Salil are absolutely accurate." Jamie Osbourne

"Salil was really great and helped me a lot to find a good solution. I would certainly recommend him." Michael Aschauer, Head Global Sales and Relationship Management, Deutsche Bank AG

I have not forgotten the great service you have provided to me. As you remember, I had looked at many apartments with other relocation agents before we met, not being able to find an appropriate place to stay here in London. Therefore, the tour organised by you was extraordinarily helpful, next to the great organisation, I believe your strong people & communication skills very much helped to make the often stressful relocation experience very enjoyable. Further, your knowledge about the different areas and your approach not to just plainly show me the apartment but to also give me a feel of the surrounding area (shops / bars / etc) was very good. I was also thankful for your guidance during the final bidding process. I believe your knowledge about the process and the RE broker helped here to have a fighting chance. I am still living in the apartment we found and I enjoy it everyday. Benedict M, Large German Bank

You did an excellent job understanding our needs and also thinking which neighbourhood would suit our life style. We love our place and our neighbourhood and honestly I don't think we would be living there if it wasn't for you. We are extremely pleased with your work and we would recommend your services without a doubt to any new family coming to live in London for the first time. Moises Michan, Citi

I just wanted to let you know how absolutely wonderful Lee was withhelping us find a place in London. We were not particularly easy clients, and he was patient, knowledgeable, and was brilliant at taking our rough thoughts and goals and turning them into reality. We couldn't have hoped for anyone better, and are very grateful. Claire Maternaghan, Google

Special thanks to Salil & Lee. They were perfect! Marlo Koehler, Deutsche Bank AG, Filiale London